The most important functions

at a glance


Choose the user language German or English. Structures and labels can also be displayed in Latin.

Anatomical structures

Human Skin Explorer contains more than 30 components of the skin, up to cellular structures of the epidermal cell layers.

Rotate, pan and zoom

Rotate the model in all directions. Zoom and pan it for your desired view.


Hide and fade structures. Use transparency levels in order to better identify spatial relationship between specific structures.


Cut the 3D model with individual cutting planes, according to your requirements.


Name arbitrary structures and parts with labels. Labels move with the rotation of the model. You can switch the language from English to Latin.


Color structures to highlight them for your presentation.


Create individual and dynamic presentations, which can be saved and shared.


Explode the model to show all components separately.

Microscopic structures

Get insights into the cellular structure of the cochlea and the of the epidermal cell layers.